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Supports Well-Being and Academic Success

With an overarching goal of mastering SEL skills that align with the Ministry of Education's standards, our programs provide counsellors and teachers with culturally relevant, developmentally appropriate lessons that enhance learners' mental health, well-being, social awareness, academic competence, and more.

Available in English and French

The complete program materials in Preschool/Kindergarten through 2nd grade are now available in both English and French. Additional grades are coming throughout 2022 and beyond. 


Impactful & Meaningful

Studies show an 11% gain in academic achievement and increased feelings of attachment and connectedness to school.


Engaging & Relevant

Measurable results in behavioural well-being that creates a more positive learning environment for students and teachers!


Flexible & Easy to Implement

Our SEL program can easily fit into teachers' lesson plans, every classroom implementation package comes with training and support.

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Looking for more information about implementation, teacher buy-in, or training? Connect with us to see how our team can help your school implement SEL successfully.

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