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Emozi® Middle School, two students reading a student workbook with a teacher outside in the sunshine

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Designed to Meet the Needs of Today's Teens

Middle school educators face challenges daily that directly impact students’ academic success, including mental health, bullying, and aggression. 

Emozi® Middle School is a research-informed social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum designed to help cultivate a safer and more positive learning environment where students and teachers can thrive.  


A Flexible and Modern Approach to SEL,
Emozi® Middle School is:


Flexible & Easy to Implement

Our program has up to a year’s worth of 30-minute lessons, including everything you need to get started. Use the lessons in order or when students need support during current events.


Impactful & Meaningful

Content specifically designed for the challenges faced by today’s higher-grade learners, such as bullying, interpersonal relationships, depression, self-harm, unhealthy choices, and self-confidence.


Engaging & Relevant

Includes 180 optional hands-on activities to use to support your students' learning styles— journaling, language arts, drawing and design, group projects, service learning, and more!

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